Welcome! Camila Meza is a rising star in the New York jazz scene and has been described by the New York Times as "a bright young singer and guitarist with an ear for music of both folkloric and pop intention". A native from Santiago de Chile, Camila has gathered great attention from her colleagues, the media and audiences in Chile, New York and internationally, for being considered an outstanding singer, guitarist, composer, arranger and improviser, who has a very distinctive way of blending jazz with her wide musical world that includes latinamerican, brazilian, folk and pop elements. With deep roots in jazz tradition and a unique way of approaching her songs, she creates musical landscapes that are full of color, interesting rhythms, deep melodies and soulful improvisations. She is equally skilled as a singer and guitarist, and she forms part of a reduced group of musicians that perform their instrument with great dexterity while maintaining a strong vocal presence. With three albums under her own name and having toured internationally in Europe, Center and Southamerica and The United States, Camila plans to record a new album at the end of 2014 that will feature her own material along with arrangements of influential songs. Stay tuned! 

Bienvenidos! Camila Meza es una figura emergente en la escena del jazz de Nueva York y ha sido descrita por el New York Times como “una brillante joven cantante y guitarrista con un oído para la música con intención folclórica y pop.” Proveniente de Santiago de Chile, Camila ha llamado gran atención de sus colegas, los medios y audiencias en Chile, Nueva York e internacionalmente, por ser considerada una sobresaliente cantante, guitarrista, arregladora, compositora e improvisadora. Además de su manera distintiva de mezclar el jazz con sus influencias latinoamericanas, folk y pop. Con Fuertes raíces en la tradición del jazz, y una manera única de tartar su repertorio, Camila crea pasajes musicales llenos de color, ritmos interesantes, melodías profundas y sentidas improvisaciones. Es igualmente dotada como cantante y guitarrista, formando así parte de un reducido grupo de músicos que dominan su instrumento con gran destreza y asu vez manteniendo una gran presencia vocal. Con tres albumes bajo su nombre y habiéndose presentado en Europa, Centro y Sudamérica y Los Estados Unidos, Camila planea grabar un Nuevo album a fines de 2014 con material original y arreglos de canciones influyentes. 

Camila has started a PledgeMusic Campaign to support the release of her new album!

I need your support! Pledgemusic Campaign Launched 

Hola a todos!! I have officially launched this fun campaign to support the release of my new album to be recorded at the end of January and I really would love to have you onboard! Please check it out.. I hope you can join me! Feel free to share, spread the word and big thanks in advance! muchas graciaaaaas! Camila.
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